SPEEDPAINT 'Fire In The Woods' Video Now Up!

2017-04-14 06:30:06 by SkoopleFloop

Hi NewGrounds!

Just finished putting together all the footage from my live streams and condensing it into a 7 minute time lapse video. You can watch it HERE. and you can also see the final product in the Art portal HERE.

I always post my stuff on NewGrounds first, The community is definitely smaller in recent years but is still the best place for upcoming artists to get their work seen by a few thousand eyes - compared to maybe double digits (or triple if you’re lucky) on YouTube. Having said that, if you want to watch my live streams as they happen, it might be worth subscribing.

Not sure what to paint next, totally open to suggestions. Let me know, and follow me right here on NG too!

(shameless self-plug over)



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2017-04-14 07:02:15

looks alittle bit warm;) really fun to watch! :D

SkoopleFloop responds:

Thanks! I'll definitely be making more of these. Oh, and thanks for following :)


2017-04-14 23:45:02

I enjoyed watching that. Great job!

SkoopleFloop responds:

Thanks man! More to come :)