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Hi NewGrounds. Posted some new art in the portal so go check it out! been practising characters and backgrounds and I hope to get even better.

I booked 5 WEEKS off work to focus on my artwork so I could improve. So follow me for a rocky montage of artwork and maybe cartoons! 

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2017-07-23 13:21:39 by SkoopleFloop

Hello all, Just finished my latest piece.

Asui Tsuyu from My Hero Academia! I think it's one of my best pieces and I hope you do to! Also please consider following my instagram for more "in progress" and behind the desk type photos if youre interested in how I do this stuff - @skooplefloop





Hi NewGrounds!

Just finished putting together all the footage from my live streams and condensing it into a 7 minute time lapse video. You can watch it HERE. and you can also see the final product in the Art portal HERE.

I always post my stuff on NewGrounds first, The community is definitely smaller in recent years but is still the best place for upcoming artists to get their work seen by a few thousand eyes - compared to maybe double digits (or triple if you’re lucky) on YouTube. Having said that, if you want to watch my live streams as they happen, it might be worth subscribing.

Not sure what to paint next, totally open to suggestions. Let me know, and follow me right here on NG too!

(shameless self-plug over)


Hi Guys, 

Finally finished up something new, I made this in around 7 - 8 hours whilst on stream via youtube (Check it / Subscribe!) I stream periodically throughout the week so It would be brilliant if anyone who wants to see some photoshop work / animation wants to come and say Hi!

Anyways, go check out the finished product! 


NEW PokeGirl Artwork!

2016-08-26 14:49:51 by SkoopleFloop

Hi Guys! - Im back!

I've been warming up and trying to get back into my artwork, so I've finished a new piece that I'm hoping you will enjoy! It's a Pokemon GO fan art of the female avatar in the game.

More to come, possibly pokemon related, or maybe related to one of my personal projects, I'll let you know soon!.

Click below to see :)



2013-01-18 19:37:09 by SkoopleFloop

Hey there voice actors of NG, I'm in need of a bit of help, and maybe you're the ones to assist me!

I'm working on a project called "Man's Worst Friend", It's about a man named Alan and his talking dog Reuben. They don't get on with each other so well and are at each others throats quite a bit. One day Alan gets a job interview and Reuben manages to screw it all up.

There are FOUR roles that need to be filled (it's possible that one person could fill multiple roles if they're very good at it)

Alan - A skinny 22 year old chap and also reubens master. He gets annoyed easily.
Reuben - A young, somewhat hyperactive dog with anger issues.
Female Receptionist - A young woman who is into hair and beauty magazines, doesn't really care about her job. But she is, however, very polite.
The Boss - A short authoritative guy who is not easily pleased and doesn't take any shit.

I'd like the roles to beBritish but I'm not 100% on that yet. So if you're not comfortable with British accents then by all means try something you're comfortable with.

If you're interested, please send me samples of your work. If you don't have any, but would like to give one of the roles a shot anyway, please send me a PM with the role/s you would like to try and I will send you a script sample.


- Matt


I made a speed painting!

2012-12-10 15:22:32 by SkoopleFloop

I made a speed painting of one of my characters from 'Space-Bandits', a series that I'm pitching as part of my uni work.

If you wanna be awesome, please like and share this video around, and don't forget to sub to my channel! Thanks!

I made a speed painting!


2012-11-06 13:49:27 by SkoopleFloop


I decided to upload DMT here months ago, but I somehow broke the original .fla file so uploading it as an .mp4 is now the only viable option... ANYWAY! After much hassle and some Help from Mr.Fulp in the submission process, It's here!




2012-07-26 19:04:48 by SkoopleFloop


Hey there newgrounds! Today I decided it was way past time I upload my latest cartoon to the internet. It's a rather sad tale of love, loss and regret. I made it for my end of year film at university and I had a little help from Seymour too, thanks for loaning me your voice man.

Anyway, HERE IT IS! Enjoy. like, share, leave a comment, all would be appreciated.


Me and kobbler entered robot day this year and we made THIS.

We seem to work quite well together so we're making a new cartoon, It involves spiders. We're taking our time on this one so there isn't really a release date, but you guys should expect to see it late August or early September.

More updates in a couple weeks.


Old NG bugs.

2012-07-18 17:25:39 by SkoopleFloop

This has got to be fixed.

Under judgement files used to be saved or blammed pretty damn fast before the re-design, when the portal was the main event. But now that the portal has been given a back seat in favour of a "latest, greatest, popular, under judgement, classic portal" drop down menu.

The portal doesn't stand out anymore and that means files under judgement don't stand out anymore either. This is a serious problem imo. I don't know if the under judgement system is fucked or something, but I used the portal to determine whether I would watch something in the past. However, because of this bug or lack of voting or whatever, I can't do that anymore... all I see is a big wall of purple.

Old NG bugs.